Shoe Shopping Tips

Any women will tell you – you can never have too many shoes. There are shoes for different occasions, different seasons, different colors, and different styles. You also need shoes to match that special outfit..


How you actually find the perfect shoe depends on a few things, like the occasion you’re wearing them to, and what you’ll wear them with. Your frame is another consideration, like if you are a bit heavy, you should stay away from a chunky heel. A slingback might be a good choice in that case. The heel of the shoe can exaggerate your frame, so if you are skinny, a stiletto is going to emphasize that, and you may want to go with a thicker heel instead.

Keep in mind that the heavier the shoe, the more casual it becomes..


The real key to finding the perfect shoe comes down to 3 things. Fitting, style, and material.

  For fitting, we know that not all shoe brands are created equally, and isn’t just about design, materials, or cost, that goes for fitting as well. Make sure its comfortable on the story. The salesperson will tell you they stretch. And they do, but they need to be comfortable in the store as they don’t stretch very much..


In regards to design, although the overall preference is unique to each individual, keep in mind that your height is also a factor. In general shorter and heavier the person, it becomes difficult to wear heels above two inches. If you plan to wear heels more than a two inch heel, do it in moderation..


As for materials, a breathable material is best to allow your feet to get some air. Especially if you’re going to be wearing the shoes all day. Otherwise, fabrics with some give and leather are usually given preference..


Some tips when creating an ensemble to keep in mind. Matching the tone of panty hose to the shoe can elongate the appearance of your legs. On the other hand, a black shoe with a lighter tone outfit will cut the leg length.

You should usually match a sexy shoe to the color of the outfit. It doesn’t need to be an exact match..


The overall comfort of the shoe is also very important. Many of us have owned a pair of sexy high heels that we fell in love with in the store, tried them on, and even though they were a little snug we figured they would stretch.

You won’t enjoy your shoes if they hurt your feet, so be sure to take the time to try them, and walk in them. Slipping them on and standing in front of the mirror won’t really help you determine if they’re the right size..


Hopefully this will help you find a shoe you’ll be very happy with.

It’s easy to pick what you like, but a little good advice can help you choose a pair of sexy high heels you can enjoy..

This article is provided courtesy of, a favorite for Sexy Shoes, stilettos, and high heels. Margaret Harper writes for a variety of different subjects, including fashion, high heels, and owns over 50 pairs of high heel shoes. You can also read more articles and stories on the Shoe Blog.

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