Tips For Immigrating To The US

Migrating to the U.S. in reality is a difficult process having no assurance of success. The U.S.

today continues to appeal to immigrants because it is an economical power that promises you can make it here. Under the United States Immigration and Naturalization Law, you can immigrate only to the U.S. if somebody files a petition for you. Your petitioner and can either be an employer or your close relative.

Over a million immigrants gush to the U.S. every year; 45% of that are from Latin America, 20% from Asia and 35% from various countries around the world. Here are three main means to immigrate into U.S. land: family relationship employment investment In all situations, the petition usually is done in the U.

S. through the Citizenship and Immigration Service or USCIS office that have authority and control over the employment area or residence of your petitioner. After approval of the petition it is then forwarded unto the Embassy or Consulate where the beneficiary resides and where the recipient will present their application for U.S. immigrant visa that will permit you, the recipient to enter U.

S. for permanent residency that will be demonstrated and support by what is referred to as the green card that is issued by the U.S.C.

I.S. Unlimited family based The immediate relatives (IR) of United States citizens namely the spouse or widow and unmarried kids under the age of 21 and parents. Returning Residents (SB).

Refer to U.S. immigrants who previously lived in the U.S. as legally recognized permanent residents who are coming back to the U.S.

to reside after an impermanent visit abroad of one year or more. Limited family based Family First Preference (F1. . They are unmarried children of United States citizens and also their children.

Family Second Preference (F2. . They are the spouses and minor children and above twenty years old unmarried children of permanent U.S.

legal residents. Family Third Preference (F3. . They are married children including their spouces. Family Fourth Preference (F4.

. They are the sisters and brothers and their children and spouses, provided that their U.S. citizen petitioner is 21 years old or over. Employment and InvestmentBased 1.

First preference. They are individuals of extraordinary talent and capabilities in the field of art, business, education, science or athletics. Outstanding researchers and professors with 3 years research or teaching experience.

This requires an employment offer of permanent position coming from a United States teaching or research institution. Executives and company managers with United States affiliates are qualified to acquire permanent residency if their assistance are permanently needed by a U.S. company. However they should be employed by their overseas affiliate firm for a minimum of 1 in the 3 years preceding immediately their relocation to the U.S.

, in the executive or managerial capacity. Also, the U.S. firm must be in existence at least 1 year. 2. Second preference.

This visa classification is intended for professionals having an advanced Masters degree or Bachelors degree along with five years of progressive senior job experience. This category generally requires a certification from the Department of Labor, however it is permitted to acquire a waiver, as long as it can be proven that the applicants employment is to the Nations interest, a very broad term. 3. Third preference.

This category generally requires a certification of labor but physical therapists and registered nurses are exempted. one for professionals having Bachelors degrees individuals carrying out a job that requires a minimum of two years experience, education, or training other workers, comprising of individuals carrying out jobs that requires less than 2 years training, experience or education. 4. Fourth preference.

This category is for generous religious workers. They are ordained ministers and religious workers whereby their services are needed by non-profit religious organizations. 5. Fifth preference investor for immigrants that make huge investments.

To qualify, the investor is required to put in (invest) between 500,000 to 10,000,000 U.S. dollars that depends on the particular geographical area employment rate, in a U.S. commercial enterprise and can create a minimum of 10 full-time jobs for United States citizens. Immigrating permanently to the U.

S. is a complex decision and process. You need to go through a tedious process, but when you get through the immigration process and do acquire permanent residency, all your efforts are well worth it.

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