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The Sound of Revenge

Not too long ago, the southern rapper known as Chamillionaire stated that the best form of revenge was success. With the release of his debut album, this Houston native brings that statement to life. This 21-track album immediately places him among the best the South has to offer.

One of the best elements of Chamillionaire's style is the soul-driven hooks that he provides. While his rhymes are a mixture of intelligence, wit, and observation, his hooks are so incredibly smooth and catchy that the listener immediately is compelled to start the track all over again. As the subject matter changes from song to song, so does his style. Whether firing his rhymes off rapidly or being slow and methodical, Chamill never misses the mark. On the Scott Storch-fueled hit "Turn it up," he rides the crunked-out track with a rare mixture of flair, intelligence and personality. Taking a page out of the Notorious B.I.G.'s book, Chamill goes toe to toe with the lyrical swiftness of Bone Thugs member Krayzie Bone . Krayzie represents just one of the many guest appearances on this album. The album also features Southern legends Killer Mike, Pastor Troy, Bun B, Lil Wayne , and Scarface .

Chamill possesses the great talent of being able to integrate trends in music ("Southern Takeover," "Radio Interruption") and real life stories ("Think I'm Crazy," "Rain," "Void In My Life") seamlessly; it's obvious that these are issues/stories that are close to his heart and not mere hit-making attempts. While many rappers make claims that they are the best, when Chamillionaire boldy states, "In Houston I am number one like I am in the place of Mcgrady," the listener can't help but agree. If this is what revenge sounds like, fans can only hope that he will continue to have this drive on future projects. -- Jason Kordich

The best album ever posted 12/02/2005 by yak
This is by far the best album not only in the south but over all for a rapper. He is alot more lyrical than any other artist and has been for along time. If you have followed him you should know that his underground stuff was also way better than any and every mainstream artist

Sound of Revenge posted 12/02/2005 by Romie Rome
Big up to Chamillionaire for droppin his debut. I have been jammin Cham since him and Paul were a duo. Today's Cham is a different Cham from those days. The whole title for his debut is taunting those who didnt think he would make it. All the rappers that hit the scene before he did such as Mike and Paul. His ego and cockiness shows throughout the album and thats just Cham being Cham. No doubt he is the truth but to me he doesnt seem like the same punch line rapper he used to be. Thats the Cham that I Jam. Everybody Cop that get cha mind correct and compare the styles. Just be you Chamillionaire. Dueces Romie Rome ISP Underground Records.